DeTok is the first decentralization
Short video,live streaming platform (Video NFT)
Link global users with videos
Project Introduction
DeTok is the world’s first decentralized short-video, live broadcast platform, linking the global users through viewing video. With the direct value exchange of creators, viewers, advertisers and auditors as the main principle, we combine short video and live broadcast with blockchain technology to realize commercial applications such as property rights, rights confirmation, trading and authorization, and create a video NFT platform that can make money by viewing videos with fragmented time.
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Application Scenario
    Watch video get DOK, share video get DOK
    Invite a new user to get the DOK, to complete the platform
    task to get the DOK
    The Creator
    Upload Video Get DOK, invites new users to get DOK
    Rent for sale video for DOK
    Video buyers
    Pay DOK to buy the video
    Rent for sale video for DOK
    Pay DOK to buy video put ads within
    Creators and platforms get a DOK split
    The Auditor
    Pledge DOK to becomes the auditor
    Review the video for DOK
    Review the comments for getting DOK


DeTok Repurchase Scenario
Buy gifts, reward videos, users and platform sharing
Reviewing the video requires mortgage DOK
    Buying and leasing videos need to use DOK
    Video rental and seller and platform split profits
    Advertisers buy DOK for placing ads,
    Creators and platforms receive DOK points
    The opening of the mall requires mortgage DOK
    The mall management fee shall be paid by DOK
    VIP user service fee, purchase props
    DOK needs to be paid for value-added services such as advertising
DeTok Conce
Profit Model
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Detok is fun and money making

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